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Bellevue Referrals Group Case Study

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Company Overview

Bellevue Referrals Group is a thriving networking group of business owners who meet weekly to refer business and foster mutual growth. Previously, their events were solely hosted on a third-party social networking site. However, this limited their visibility and made it challenging to showcase their group's information. They sought a website to achieve the following:

  • Clear Messaging: They aimed for a website that would succinctly convey the essence of their referral community to visitors.
  • Online Presence: Enhancing their online visibility was crucial to building credibility for the group.
  • Ease of Use: They desired a user-friendly website enabling visitors to easily RSVP and access directions to the meeting location.

We successfully crafted a landing page that perfectly aligned with their needs, delivering it within just one week....


  • Clear Message: The revamped website clearly explains the group's purpose, making it easier for people to understand what the group does and how it can benefit their business.
  • Improved Visibility: These changes increased the group's visibility, making it easier for interested individuals to connect and learn more about what they do.

Within a week, we created a clean and professional landing page for the Bellevue Referral Group. It now serves as a central hub containing all important information about the group, including a way to RSVP and get directions to the meeting location.

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