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Learning Space Christian Academy Case Study

Key Achievements:


Inquiries a Month


Traffic Increased


Client Satisfaction

Company Overview

LS Christian Academy, a newly established Child Care Center, faced challenges in attracting and retaining clients. Despite a promising start with 73 clients in their first year, they struggled with client retention and online visibility. They approached Tacoma Web Design and SEO with specific goals:

  • Create a new website with a fresh, appealing design.
  • Boost client inquiries through the website (aiming for 10-15 per month).
  • Showcase their unique childcare services and establish a strong online presence.

Our team not only met these objectives but also exceeded them, getting them 15 inquiries in the first month!!! When usally it takes 6-9 months for a new site SEO campaign to start seeing considerable results. But first, let me show you what we were starting with...


  • Limited Online Presence: Had old website and very little online presence, leading to zero online inquiries.
  • Ineffective Marketing Strategies: Unsuccessful Facebook ads and flyer campaigns.
  • Neglected Google My Business Profile: Only 1 Google My Business review, contributing to poor online visibility.
  • Poor Search Engine Visibility: Low rankings and minimal organic traffic, making it hard to find on Google.

And here's the transformation we achieved...

web design


  • Website Overhaul: Transformed the site into a user-friendly, visually appealing platform.
  • Enhanced Online Visibility: Improved Google My Business listing through targeted keyword optimization and a successful review campaign, driving increased traffic.
  • Higher Conversion Rates: Over 15 inquiries in the first month post-redesign, mainly from Google My Business, showcasing immediate impact.
  • Effective Keyword Strategy: Developed targeted content pages linked to Google My Business, enhancing visibility and traffic.
  • Authority Building: Established credibility with niche-relevant backlinks from daycare directories and related platforms.

Additionally, Nydia reported a surge in phone inquiries (6-12 weekly), reflecting increased client interest and engagement, underscoring the strategy's overall effectiveness.

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Nikki Huang

Nydia Sanchez

Child Care

5 star rating

“I was honored to work with Colin @ Tacoma Web Design & SEO. They built me a very efficient and thorough website. I just spent $750 on a website through FIVRR and wasn’t at all happy with the results- I’m in the childcare industry and it is so important that we provide as much information as possible on our website so that most questions are answered. We also do drop ins with many clients coming from out of state- Colin made it easy for forms, payments and scheduling to be done all through the website. This will make it easier for my clients and me daily operations . The site is colorful, well designed and welcoming. I couldn’t be more pleased Tacoma is very affordably priced and I’m looking forward in working with Colin and his team for my monthly maintenance and future website needs. This is the only place you need for your website. Would give 1000 stars if I could!"

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