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Hammerhead Guide Service Case Study

Key Achievements:


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Converstion Rate Increased


Client Satisfaction

Company Overview

Jason came to us with an existing website that he hated. He was so embarrassed by it that he wouldn't tell clients about it and even removed the link from some of his socials. The issue was he had paid another company a lot of money to improve its SEO and was worried that a new site would drop his rankings.

  • Design and develop a new stunning website that better captures why Jason is the best fishing guide in town.
  • Increase conversions through the site and start getting inquiries (objective: "MORE THAN ZERO CONTACT FORMS!!!"-Jason).
  • Improve the writing on the site so it makes sense and is not just keyword-stuffed nonsense.
  • Easily navigable site that informs people about all of Jason's different services.

Our team not only met these objectives but also exceeded them, getting Jason his first inquiry just 1 day after the site went live. But first, let me show you what we were starting with...


  • Limited Online Presence: The old website was averaging 457 visitors a month, but was getting zero inquiries or client conversions. This was because of improper keyword selection and an outdated site that drove customers away.
  • Outdated Design: The previous design of the website was not user-friendly, lacked modern aesthetics, and did not effectively communicate the value and services of Hammerhead Guide Service.
  • Poor Content Writing: The site was optimized for search engines but not for humans, resulting in very hard-to-read content that made no sense.
  • No Clear CTA: The site lacked clear calls to action and guidance for potential clients interested in their services.

And here's the transformation we achieved...

web design


  • Successfully designed and developed a new, user-friendly website.
  • Not only did we maintain the current SEO ranking, but we also improved his local search for relevant keywords related to his services, resulting in increased conversions.
  • Increased confidence in the owner's site abilities led to the creation of a Facebook page to showcase the new site, resulting in many likes and positive comments about the new site. Check it out below!
  • Improved customer engagement and interaction with the website, leading to higher conversion rates.

The results were immediate and impressive. Within just the first day of going live, Jason began to receive inquiries, demonstrating that his marketing and referrals for his business were effective; he just needed a site as amazing as his services.

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