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GMG Capital Group Inc. Case Study

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Company Overview

GMG Capital Group Inc., a dynamic investment firm, approached Tacoma Web Design and SEO with a clear vision: to revamp their outdated website into a professional, clean, and investor-friendly online presence. Their goals were straightforward but crucial for their business growth.

  • Complete website overhaul for a modern, professional look.
  • Simplify the process of updating website content.
  • Enhance the site's appeal to attract potential investors.

Our team at Tacoma Web Design and SEO took on the challenge, transforming their online presence beyond expectations.


  • The website was outdated, confusing, and difficult to navigate.
  • Challenges in updating and maintaining current information.
  • Lack of professional appeal necessary for attracting investors.

Recognizing these challenges, our team was ready to initiate a comprehensive transformation.

web design


  • A complete redesign and content overhaul, enhancing the site's professional image.
  • Streamlined content updates through efficient email communication, with changes live within 24 hours.
  • Successful attraction of investors, thanks to the revamped online presence.
  • Grants testimonial highlighting our responsive and patient collaboration, leading to a strong online presence and investor connections.

The transformation led to immediate and impressive results, marking a significant milestone in GMG Capital Group Inc.'s journey.

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Nikki Huang

Grant G

Investment Firm

5 star rating

“Tacoma Web has really helped my company have an online presence. They were extremely patient with working with us and very responsive when we needed specific things done. The website has allowed us to better connect with potential investors.”

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