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Happy Zone Case Study

Key Achievements:


Fixed Google My Buiness Profile


Organic Traffic Increased


Client Satisfaction

Company Overview

Happy Zone is a Child Care Center based in West Jordan, UT. They have been in business for a while, relying mostly on referrals and word of mouth, which has kept them just shy of full capacity for their facility. Their goal was to start generating inquiries through a brand new website.

  • Design and develop a new, stunning website that incorporates their company branding.
  • Increase conversions through the site and start getting inquiries (objective: 3-5 per month).
  • Fix their Google My Business profile to link to their site.
  • Inform parents about their unique offerings, like bilingual education programs.

Our team not only met these objectives but also exceeded them, getting them 10 inquiries in the first 2 weeks. But first, let me show you what we were starting with...


  • Limited Online Presence: They didn't have an existing website but were receiving some inquiries through their Google My Business profile. However, they were missing out on numerous contact form submissions due to the absence of a dedicated site.
  • Non-Existent Web Design: As they had no prior website, there was a significant gap in providing information and engaging with potential clients online. This absence hindered their ability to showcase their services and ethos effectively.
  • Invisible in Search Results: Without a website, their online visibility was extremely limited. They were missing crucial opportunities to appear in search engine results, which is vital for attracting new clients.
  • Lack of Direction for Clients: Without a website, there was no clear pathway or call-to-action for interested parents. This lack of direction made it challenging for potential clients to understand how to engage with their services.

And here's the transformation we achieved...

web design


  • Website Transformation: We crafted a new, user-friendly website that not only looks great but is also easy to navigate. This has significantly enhanced the user experience for visitors.
  • Traffic Boost: Our targeted SEO strategies led to a remarkable increase in organic traffic, far exceeding the client's initial expectations.
  • Online Visibility: The new website, coupled with our SEO efforts, significantly improved the client's online presence and brand recognition.
  • Enhanced Engagement: The revamped website has led to improved customer interaction, resulting in higher conversion rates and more inquiries.

The impact of our work was evident right from the start. In the first two months alone, the client received 12 contact form submissions, surpassing their goal of 3-5 per month. This immediate success has been a game-changer for them. The new website has not only been a hit with the client, who fell in love with its design and functionality, but it has also made it easier for parents to find and fill out forms, saving them valuable time. With this newfound success and a robust online presence, the client is now in a strong position to grow and expand their operations.

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