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Language Garden Case Study

Key Achievements:


Site Functionality


Client Satisfaction

Company Overview

Language Garden Montessori School is a premier childcare institution in Bellevue, WA, offering a quality Mandarin and Montessori curriculum. Their unique program allows students to learn in English, Mandarin, or both languages. Previously, they managed the website and their reputation/reviews internally, leading to various challenges. Seeking to streamline their workload, they aimed for a complete website overhaul to address the following issues:

  • Unclear Differentiation: The previous website struggled to effectively communicate the school's unique bilingual education approach, a key factor for enrollment.
  • Review Management Difficulty: They faced challenges in managing reviews, grappling with responding to fake feedback and seeking more genuine parent reviews.
  • Time Constraints: Juggling day-to-day operations made it tough for Language Garden to dedicate ample time to website maintenance and enhancements.

Our team successfully tackled these issues, creating a website aligned with their vision. Before diving into the results, let's revisit the state prior to our collaboration...


  • Insufficient Mandarin Education Content: Crucial details about the school's Mandarin education were inadequately represented on the website, leaving a gap in essential information for potential parents interested in this specialized offering.
  • Blocked Google Business Profile: One of their locations faced restrictions on receiving reviews on their Google Business Profile, limiting the potential for positive client feedback and impacting online reputation.
  • Unsuitable Colors: The website had harsh green colors that didn't fit the style they wanted.
  • Text Readability Challenges: Background images across the website lacked adequate contrast with the text, impacting readability and making certain text sections difficult to read.

And here's the transformation we achieved...


  • Specialized Curriculum Pages: Created dedicated pages for Montessori and Mandarin, making it simpler for visitors to learn about their curriculum.
  • Fixed Google Profile: Worked with Google support to fix their profile and resume receiving reviews, improving their online reputation.
  • Revamped Design Palette: Updated colors to match their desired feel, enhancing the overall website aesthetics.
  • Enhanced Text Accessibility: Resolved text visibility issues, ensuring all text was easily readable for a better user experience.

The result was a website that effectively communicated their education programs while ensuring ease of access. This resolution of the Google review issue is especially critical for local businesses, as Google reviews significantly influence online credibility and customer trust.

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Language Garden

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