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Sugar N Spice Day Care Case Study

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Company Overview

Sugar N Spice Daycare provides excellent childcare in Rainier, WA. Prior to connecting with us, they had no website and minimal online presence. The goal was clear: create a high-quality website to represent their unique programs and services. Our partnership aimed to address the following crucial aspects:

  • Missing Website Presence: The absence of an online footprint made it challenging for Sugar N Spice to showcase their offerings and philosophy to prospective families.
  • Lack of Downloadable Forms: Clients faced hurdles in accessing essential forms, hampering the enrollment process and communication.
  • Limited Visibility: Without an online platform, it was challenging to reach out and convey Sugar N Spice's distinct approach to childcare.
  • Communication: Parents found it difficult to access information regarding the center's hours and holiday closures.

Our team not only met these objectives but exceeded them by helping solve their Google Business Profile issues. But first, let me show you where we began...


  • Online Visibility Gap: The absence of a website hindered parents from exploring Sugar N Spice's programs and understanding their unique childcare approach.
  • Communication Hurdles: Essential forms and documents were inaccessible, causing enrollment hassles for parents.
  • Missed Opportunities: A lack of online presence limited Sugar N Spice's reach to potential parents seeking quality childcare services.
  • Information Absence: The lack of comprehensive information made it challenging for parents to understand the depth of services provided.

And here's the transformation we achieved...


  • Website Launch: We successfully designed and launched a comprehensive website, enabling parents to explore the daycare's programs, curriculum, and values seamlessly.
  • Google Business Profile Update: Initially, our client lacked access to their Google Business Profile, which hindered their online visibility. Working closely with them and Google, we facilitated a request for profile edits, successfully linking the website. This critical update proved invaluable, as inquiries surged following this enhancement.
  • Accessible Forms: Integration of downloadable forms eased parents' access, streamlining the enrollment process for Sugar N Spice.

The new website has been a great asset for Sugar N Spice Daycare, aiding current and potential parents in accessing the necessary information.

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